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PSN update sees rush of PSP games

Brothers in Arms, TMNT, Chessmaster, Driver '76 go downloadable for Sony's handheld; other additions include PS3 Droplitz and original PlayStation Mobile Light Force.


With Sony's PSP Go set for an October 1 launch, there's little debate that the electronics giant needs to significantly bolster its library of downloadable titles for the premium-priced UMD-less handheld. Today's PlayStation Network update goes some way toward addressing that concern, with four PSP games being added to the downloadable storefront, as well as one PlayStation original playable either on the handheld or on the PlayStation 3.

Thanks to Brothers in Arms, every day can be D-Day!
Thanks to Brothers in Arms, every day can be D-Day!

The newly added PSP games are Brothers in Arms: D-Day, Chessmaster: The Art of Learning, Driver '76, and TMNT. All four of the games have been previously released on the system's UMD format and carry a $19.99 downloadable price tag (with the exception of Brothers in Arms D-Day, which sells for $14.99). They range in size from 84MB (Chessmaster) to 1.05GB (Brothers in Arms).

The catalog of original PlayStation titles is also being expanded this week with the addition of XS Games' Mobile Light Force for $5.99. Originally released in 2003, the game is a localized version of Capcom's arcade shoot-'em-up Gunbird.

The last full game being added to Sony's online storefront this week is Droplitz for the PlayStation 3. Released earlier this week on the Xbox 360's Live Arcade service, the aquatic puzzler is available for $9.99.

In addition to the usual assortment of new trailers, themes, and downloadable content for games, including Guitar Hero, Rock Band, Little Big Planet, and Cuboid, Sony has also introduced a PS3 demo for The BIGS 2. Set for a July 7 release, the arcade-style baseball game is being developed by Blue Castle Games, the studio behind Dead Rising 2.

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