PSN Store stuffed for Thanksgiving

PlayStation Store Update: Tekken 6, Little Big Planet hit PSP; Madden Arcade, Diner Dash, and Gravity Crash debut on PS3; PSone classics and PSP Minis each get six new games.


The stores may be closed Thanksgiving Day, but Sony gamers don't need to let that stop them complementing their food comas with new game seizures. Sony released its weekly PlayStation Network update early to mark the holiday week, making a wealth of new downloadable games available to PlayStation 3 and PSP owners.

Who has two thumbs and a painfully generic name? This guy!
Who has two thumbs and a painfully generic name? This guy!

Starting with the PSP, Sony has added a pair of the system's biggest holiday releases to the downloadable storefront. The handheld port of Namco Bandai's Tekken 6 is now available with the full roster of 40 playable characters and bosses from the console edition, but without that version's Scenario Campaign mode.

Tekken 6 arrives alongside another PSP version of a popular brand, Media Molecule's Little Big Planet. The game lost its online multiplayer mode on the way to the PSP, but the developer did manage to keep the level creation and sharing features of the original. Both Tekken 6 and Little Big Planet sell for $39.99.

For cheaper thrills on the PSP, Sony has added six new titles to the PSP Minis lineup. The lineup is highlighted by Pinball Fantasies, a $6.99 port of the well-remembered Amiga collection of four pinball tables. Filling out the new selection of Minis are GameLoft's Let's Golf ($6.99), the Qix-inspired Fortix ($4.99), Halfbrick's gravitational arcade puzzler Blast Off ($2.99), the Lemmings-like Kahoots ($4.49), and the balloon-popping puzzler Bloons ($3.99).

Over on the PS3, the big new release is EA's Madden NFL Arcade ($14.99). The five-on-five gridiron game emphasizes heavy hits and big plays over realism, with power-ups, no penalties or field goals, and a shortened 60-yard field that players must traverse in a single set of four downs. Also new to the PS3 this week are casual sensation Diner Dash ($9.99) and the arcade shooter Gravity Crash ($9.99).

Gamers nostalgic for something a little older may be interested in the new additions to Sony's PSone Classics collection. Sony added six new games to the assortment of older titles playable on the PS3, as well as the PSP, including the genesis of Capcom's other survival horror series, Dino Crisis, EA's console port of Command & Conquer, Eidos' brawler Fighting Force, and the self-explanatory Reel Fishing, Backstreet Billiards, and International Track & Field. All of the new additions to the PSone Classics catalog are $5.99.

A full list of the week's new PlayStation Store content, including themes, wallpapers, demos, and add-on content, is available on the official PlayStation Blog.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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@sicknessgb2003 I'm looking right now for Metal Gear Solid. I don't see it. It should be between Medievil and Mobile Light Force, but it's not.

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this naruto game is supposed to be so sweet

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@athenian29 I'm in the US...look in the psone classics section, came out around the sametime as FFVII

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@chubbychocobo The TV stuff isn't even in all EU countries, I'd rather have more games. >.>

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@sicknessgb2003 It has? I missed it. :\ Or are you not in the US?

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This is fantastic!

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where's dragon quest vii?

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@athenian29 I agree 100%

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Metal gear solid has been up for awhile now.

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Sounds great!!!!!!!!!! I just got a PSP GO and Little Big Planet.

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Come on, Sony. Where's Crash Team Racing? Where's Gran Turismo? Where's Metal Gear Solid? Let's go, eh?

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God, stop complaining about EU having nothing. We in the US have no TV channels on our PS3 systems. We even have to pay for AFRICA dynamic theme.

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Just downloaded LBP for my PSP. :D

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i just bought the anime series "Death Note" vol. 2. episodes 21 - 37 for .99 cents each... cool...

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Hey lil_z_95, if you still have some of those, would you mind hooking me up? My psn is Iron_Stalker

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@route151 they haven't even put cross game chat, but implemented facebook functionality. Its pretty easy to see that PS online ignores is users and makes stupid gimmick things instead of concentrating on the essentials of gaming.

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Happy Holidays everyone

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yo lil_z_95 can you hook me up too? PSN: FLAMING_PANDA

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when is final fantasy 8 and 9 coming to the PSN? thats what i want to know.

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They claim so much, I understand that the whole PSN is not that old, but are you kidding me? How is it that the entire PS library is not there? (Download times cannot be an excuse!) No ability to rate games? Gamers feed back I would think is important, at least to gamers. They say that they want to be iTunes but it seems like no one has been taking notes on how iTunes offers its slection. And, imo, the Thanksgiving sale sucked, a slap in the face of PSN users. Playing in Canada, I wonder what the PSN is like in Japan or in the U.S.? Or is it that Home is still so much in it's infancy and so hush hush on it's future development, that I don't see it coming?

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Diner Dash, sweet :)

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everyone else always gets left behind, like the UK store

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this is only in the US ! but i have an EU PS3 !

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Flower for 4.99 was a great deal. I had been wanting to pick that up for a long time anyway. Such a work of art.

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Comet Crash or C&C 1 (NOT RE) which one should I get :(

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Madden Arcade does look interesting.RE-Director's Cut also.

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Dino Crisis FTW!

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Fighting Force is strictly for punishment gluttons.

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the PSN store should be more consistent, the US/*** PSN stores are awesome compared to Europe and other areas.

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to: lil_z_95 hook me up wit sum free psn cards please

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I just got Resident Evil 2 for 5.99. That was the best game I ever played on PS1. Also it's the best RE title I ever played.

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Maybe I'll get MADDEN ARCADE.

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time for me to start getting free psn cards anybody want any i can help you out to

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I'll probably get Dino Crisis once I get a bigger memory card for my PSP. In the meantime here's hoping we get Shin Megami Tensei 1 and 2 on PSN at some point.

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Cool, Dino Crisis. I'll be keeping an eye out for that one on my list of games to download in the possible near future.

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just checked no LittleBigPlanet Water :(

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tekken 6 rocks

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i have a baclward comp. ps3 but the one game i would like to see as a downloadable game on the psn network is zone of the enders 2

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Dino Crisis!!! FINALLY :D

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i always like to shop, so this is good news

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@shii666 Woops...almost forgot! All dreamcast games on the PlayStation store right?! buahahaha XD

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I hope the next update will include FFVIII. Thats what Im waiting on.

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@WTFitsPauL no ur wrong, ms loves everyones money lol

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Sony Loves Your Money!

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@ kansaspwnage Online play on PSN will remain free, Sony has already stated that

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Same can't be said for the European PS store sadly. You guys get Dino Crisis, we get frikkin Lilo and Stitch: Trouble in Paradise. Yay. :|

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@NICKKELANIUS Sonny loves your money lol. Its just business and its the same for all 3 of them. Game devs on the other hand are the ones who care.