PSN, Steam Are Down Along With Big Chunks Of The Internet [Update: It's Fixed, Sort Of]

Various parts of the internet, including Call of Duty and Fortnite, are experiencing a DNS outage--though Akamai said a fix has been implemented to resolve the widespread issue.


Update: Akamai, the CDN responsible for hosting a ton of websites, said a fix for the widespread DNS failure has been implemented and "service is resuming normal operations." Some of the affected websites, like the PlayStation Network and Steam, are reportedly back up and running.

However, Down Detector reports that other services are experiencing issues. This includes games like Destiny and Titanfall, as well as Grand Theft Auto V mod FiveM. Apparently, even McDonald's is having problems. Microsoft is also looking into issues with launching Xbox game streaming titles.

Original Story: Tons of websites and games--including Fortnite, the PlayStation Network, Steam, and Warframe--are experiencing a Domain Name System (DNS) failure, resulting in pages that won't load and titles that can't be played.

It's not just Fortnite, the PSN, Steam, and Warframe. Other parts of the internet, like Home Depot and Newegg, have also been affected. Even wholesaler Costco has been hit, as well as Call of Duty, HBO Max, and certain parts of both Amazon Web Services and Google, according to Down Detector.

The DNS failure is a result of a widespread outage affecting the Content Delivery Network (CDN) Akamai, which alone handles approximately 15-30% of the world's web traffic. Most of the issues seem to be server-side, with Down Detector reporting 58% of the problems occurring there.

Warframe developer Digital Extremes issued a statement regarding the connectivity issues, saying it's aware of the situation and actively looking into solutions to fix the problem.

Sony's PSN Service Status page states that services are "up and running but external, internet-wide issues" are impacting the experience. Of the PSN services affected, it's everything from account management to gaming and social connectivity to accessing the PlayStation Store. In other words, online play is probably not possible and you probably can't play your digital games right now.

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