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PSN Servers Down For Many PS4 Users Right Now [Update: Back Online]

PSN is down again today.


Following an outage earlier this week, the PlayStation Network is again experiencing issues for users on PS4 and PS3. This affects a wide variety of areas of the service, including the ability to log in. That will impede your ability to play games online--including the newly released Monster Hunter World and Dragon Ball FighterZ--and any number of other things.

Sony's PlayStation support account confirmed the sign-in issues on Twitter, saying only that it is investigating them. The PSN status page paints a grim picture, with all areas (except for PlayStation Vue) experiencing issues. Some aspects of the service are reportedly working--the ability to create an account is apparently unaffected, though you likely won't be able to sign in or launch certain games and apps.

There's not yet any word on how soon the problem will be fixed and PSN will be back online. Earlier this week, the problems extended for several hours, though that has no bearing on how long the latest batch of errors will take to resolve.

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On the bright side, once things have returned to normal, you'll be able to get online with the aforementioned new releases, both of which are quite good. You can read all about them in our Dragon Ball FighterZ review and Monster Hunter World review, but suffice it to say, they should delight fans--or serve as a great starting point for newcomers, in Monster Hunter's case.

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