PSN nabs GRAW2, Darkness demos

Sony's online store updated with demos for Ubisoft's and Starbreeze's first-person shooters; Blast Factor expansion pack also available.


Last Thursday, Sony put a grin on many a PlayStation 3 owner's face with a playable demo for Ninja Theory's action adventure Heavenly Sword, featuring the blade-wielding, nimble, and nubile Nariko as she hacks her way through King Botan's hordes. As part of this Thursday's PlayStation Store weekly update, Sony offers up two more teasers as well as a Blast Factor Advanced Research add-on pack.

PlayStation 3 owners can check out a demo of Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 in anticipation of the game's August release date. In the single-player demo, players are dropped into the second mission of the game, where they're tasked with eradicating a rebel camp outside the Mexican city of Juarez. Meanwhile, PlayStation 3 owners still on the fence concerning Starbreeze's well-received first-person shooter The Darkness can now check out a demo for that game as well.

Also available today is an add-on pack for Bluepoint Games' fixed-screen shooter Blast Factor. Included in the update are seven new specimens, 11 new enemy types, and seven new bosses. Addressing one of the more problematic elements of the original game, seven music tracks have also been added. The add-on pack is available for $4.99.

Rounding out this week's offerings are trailers for the upcoming theatrical releases of Michael Clayton, Get Smart, and The Game Plan.

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