PSN Getting Two-Factor Authentication, Something Xbox Has Had Since 2013

Sony implementing new PSN account security measures.


Sony is bolstering PlayStation Network account security by introducing two-factor authentication, the company confirmed. After someone on Twitter discovered that the latest PlayStation 3 firmware update mentioned two-factor verification--something Sony has not yet talked about introducing--the company has now confirmed it plans to launch the feature more widely later.

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"In order to further safeguard our users and their accounts, we are preparing to offer a two-step verification feature," a Sony representative told GameSpot.

There is no word just yet regarding when two-step authentication will come to PSN, though the representative said more details will be shared "at a later date."

Two-step verification, which has been available for Xbox Live users since 2013 and is also used on and Steam, requires users to submit two different forms of verification before being granted access to their account. The process takes a few moments longer, but is far more secure than a single password.

Polygon was first to report on this story.

Fives years ago this month, the PSN suffered a significant breach that compromised more than 70 million accounts and led to a Congressional inquiry.

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