PSN Flash Sale Discounts Bayonetta, Portal 2, and Resident Evil Games

A number of quality games for PlayStation systems are on sale right now, almost all of them for less than $10.


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Sony today launched its latest PlayStation Network flash sale, this one focused on games that feature a female protagonist.

Because that's the only criteria for games to be included, there's a lot of variety in genres. Among the highlights are Portal 2 for $5, Beyond Good & Evil HD for $3.50, Bayonetta for $8, and Mirror's Edge for a paltry $2.25. A pair of Resident Evil games are also included: Resident Evil Code: Veronica X (the HD re-release for PS3) is $6, while Resident Evil 3: Nemesis is only $1.50. Other games of note include Sanctum 2 for $3.50 and Skullgirls Encore for $5. No matter what you choose, you're looking at a very reasonable price.

In addition to games, movies are included in the sale. All of the Resident Evil movies can be rented for as little as $3, and the same goes for both Kill Bill films, which you can buy for $7.

Check out a full list of games included in the sale below.

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