PSN-exclusive Rain detailed in six minutes of gameplay footage

Video of downloadable title due in 2013 shows player navigating the environment and avoiding monsters.


PlayStation Network-exclusive Rain has been shown off in six minutes of new gameplay footage.

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The game, which is being developed by Tokyo Jungle developer PlayStation C.A.M.P!, was first shown off at Gamescom last year.

In Rain, players take the role of a lost boy who is chasing after a girl with an invisible silhouette. The game features a mix of puzzle and stealth elements, as players must avoid the ghostly apparitions while pursuing the girl. The boy can only be seen when standing in rain, and various visual and audio cues are in place to help the occasionally invisible protagonist navigate through the game's environment.

The new footage takes place in the first chapter of the game, which is titled "The Children and the Night." The demo shows off some of the game's climbing and movement, and highlights how the frequent use of onscreen text guides players through the game while narrating its story. The player is also shown running away and hiding from a pair of doglike monsters.

Key themes in the game, according to Sony, are uncertainty, fear, and solitude.

Rain is due for release on PlayStation Network in 2013.

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