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PSA: Witcher 3 Has an XP Bug, But That Might Not Be Your Problem

Once you've leveled up enough, certain quests stop providing experience points.


Among the variety of bugs The Witcher 3 suffers from--some funny and strange, others more serious--is one where you don't receive experience points. Developer CD Projekt Red is working to fix this, but if you've been tackling quests without getting experience, it's not necessarily the bug that's to blame.

In a post on CD Projekt Red's forums, one of the Witcher 3's gameplay designers briefly discussed the XP issues, revealing an important detail about how the game works.

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"Quests that are six levels (or more) lower than yours are not granting experience," the post reads. "Anything else should reward you with exp[erience], we are looking into the issue."

Since then, CD Projekt Red has said it's found the bug causing XP to not be rewarded correctly and is working to fix it. But that forum post makes it clear that, if you're completing quests and not being rewarded with XP, it might simply be that you're undertaking ones that are too low-level for you.

Meanwhile, the developer is working to resolve issues with save games on Xbox One, and it's offered up a workaround for those encountering the CE-34878-o error on PS4.

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