PSA: The Witness Out Now on Xbox One

It came out in January for PS4 and PC.

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Following its release for PlayStation 4 and PC in January, Braid creator Jonathan Blow's acclaimed puzzle game The Witness launched today, September 13, for Xbox One.

Regarding what differences there may be between the Xbox One edition and the others, Blow said in a earlier interview, "There are some technical differences, but it's basically the same game."

You can grab The Witness right now using this download link. The game costs $40 and will take up around 4.23 GB on your hard drive.

Developer Thekla is also currently working on an iOS version of the game, but the studio isn't saying when it'll come out. But it will be essentially the same game as the PS4, PC, and Xbox One versions, just with lower graphical fidelity, according to a previous report.

Here are some images of the Xbox One version of The Witness. Click through the images in the gallery below to see them all.

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The Witness originally was released in January for PS4 and PC, and it received critical and commercial acclaim. In GameSpot's 9/10 review, critic Mike Mahardy wrote, "The Witness is one of the most challenging games I've ever played. During my playthrough, I experienced confusion, uncertainty, and mental exhaustion as I tried to understand this game's intricacies... But when you do persist, frustration gives way to gratification. This is what makes The Witness special."

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