PSA: The Division Open Beta Begins Today, First on Xbox One

It begins.


The Division's open beta has begun. Xbox One players can jump it starting today, February 18, while servers will go live for PlayStation 4 and PC beginning tomorrow, February 19.

Xbox One players can use this link to queue up their download right now.

In a blog post, Ubisoft encouraged players to visit the discussion section of its forums to provide feedback. "We are constantly reading the great discussions on the forums and love hearing what you guys have to say, so make sure you report in," it said.

Ubisoft also mentioned that every day in The Division's open beta, players will be given a "special mission" to complete. If the community completes the challenge, everyone will be rewarded; the top-scoring player will get something as well.

"A reward will be given to every Agent for the combined effort and the Agent who performs the best will receive a unique reward," Ubisoft said. "Be sure to check these daily briefs for your mission."

The objective for today, February 18, is to "reach out and help as many civilians as possible."

Players who do this will receive a "unique token of thanks" from the civilian they assist, and also a gift from Ubisoft. The developer didn't say what this reward, or the prize for the top player, will be, however.

Finally, Ubisoft published a handful of "pro tip" videos, in which Ubisoft developers talk about best practices for customizing the UI, Dark Zone currency, and more. These videos are embedded in this post.

The Division's open beta, which includes a new story mission and improvements over the previous closed beta, ends on all platforms February 22. The full game arrives March 8.

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