PSA: Nioh Saves Reportedly Deleted After Making A New Character

You may want to hold off on starting a second character.


A possible bug in Nioh has resulted in the loss of save files from the game, a number of players have reported.

On places like Reddit, there are numerous posts (via Eurogamer) about players who have lost their progress--very high-level characters, in some cases--after creating a new character.

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Nioh seemingly overwrites your existing save when making a new character, but it doesn't warn players that this is the case. That's led some to believe this is a glitch rather than an instance of the game not informing players they can only have one save.

Either way, the key point is the same: You should be careful if you plan on starting a new character. Be sure to back up your save to an external storage device before doing so unless you're willing to accept the loss. Some players who have lost their progress have been advised to try downloading a save file uploaded to the cloud with PlayStation Plus, but several reported that this didn't resolve the matter.

We've asked Sony if it's aware of the situation and will report back with anything we find out.

Nioh launched last week as a PS4 exclusive. You can read GameSpot's review here.

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