PSA: Make Sure You Spend Your Destiny 2 Crucible Tokens Today

Your Crucible tokens will disappear in Destiny 2's Season of the Chosen, so make sure you spend them today.


Destiny 2 is seeing a bunch of changes to loot and bounties with its new content season, the Season of the Chosen. One of those changes is the end of Crucible tokens, a currency you earn when playing in Destiny 2's competitive arena against other players. Today, February 8, is the last day before the launch of the new season, so if you're sitting on Crucible tokens, you should turn them in now.

A bunch of Destiny activities dish out tokens, which you can spend with the appropriate vendors in the Tower and elsewhere to increase "reputation" with them. Every time your reputation rises enough, you get a loot drop from the vendor, which can sometimes include weapons and armor specific to that activity. For a lot of players, though, vendor items aren't really all that useful. Vendor drops won't help you increase your character's overall Power level and the stats on armor are usually pretty low--so apart from searching for good perk rolls on new weapons, vendor drops are easy to ignore.

But at the start of the Season of the Chosen, Lord Shaxx stops accepting Crucible tokens in the Tower. And there is an upshot to spending those tokens. Even though you might not need or want the loot they supply, breaking down the weapons and armor you get earns you Glimmer, upgrade materials, and weapons parts.

So if you're sitting on a lot of Crucible tokens, it's worth spending a little time cashing them out. After all, you earned them by playing, and you can never have too many upgrade materials in Destiny 2.

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