PSA: Halo 5 Firefight Beta Starts Today

All Halo 5 players can get an early taste of Warzone Firefight April 14-18.


[UPDATE] Warzone Firefight's beta is now available in Halo 5 from the Warzone menu.

The original story is below.

Halo 5 players can check out an in-development version of the sci-fi game's new Warzone Firefight mode starting today as part of a beta test. As announced previously, the beta will run April 14-18.

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If you already own Halo 5, no further download is required. You'll find the Warzone Firefight mode in the "Warzone" playlist when it goes live later today, designer David Ellis said on Twitter.

As for an exact time when the mode will launch today, Ellis said, "Don't want to promise a specific time in case of unforeseen technical issues."

We will update this post when the beta officially goes live. Note that this is an in-development, unfinished version of Warzone Firefight, so there may be some technical hiccups. Developer 343 Industries is hoping to gather feedback from the beta to make the final version a more polished and refined experience.

Earlier this week during a livestream event, 343 showed off the first live gameplay for Warzone Firefight. If you missed it, not to worry, as an archive is available and can be seen below.

As was the case with Firefight's first appearance in Halo 3: ODST, teams of players (eight in Halo 5 vs four in ODST) will take on waves of increasingly difficult enemies, and also complete objectives across five rounds.

Halo 5's version of Firefight will feature the most on-screen enemies in Halo history, including a new "Mythic" tier of enemy bosses. "Thought the Warden Eternal was menacing? You ain't seen nothing yet," Microsoft said in March.

Warzone Firefight players can also make use of their Reqs, which can include things like weapons, vehicles, armor, power-ups, and more. It's called Warzone Firefight instead of just Firefight because matches will play out on Warzone maps.

The mode is coming to Halo 5 sometime this summer, though a release date has not been announced. Other modes added to Halo 5 following its launch in October 2015 have included Big Team Battle, Grifball, Fiesta, and Warzone Turbo.

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