PSA: Don't Miss Disco Elysium: The Final Cut's New Political Vision Quests

The new content added to Disco Elysium in The Final Cut fleshes out the late game, but you can miss the four new quests if you're not careful.


Disco Elysium: The Final Cut adds a lot to the RPG, including four new quests that flesh out the experience: the "political vision quests." These four quests act as a culmination of the story of your character's personal politics in the game, but if you don't meet the right prerequisites, you can miss them entirely. Here's what you need to know to trigger each of the quests so you can make sure to get the most out of Disco Elysium: The Final Cut.

First, you should know that the political vision quests are optional, but they play a big part in the ideology your character can espouse throughout the course of the game. There are four quests in total, but you can only access one per run through the game. Each quest corresponds to one of the four major ideologies you can gravitate toward based on dialogue and choices you make in the game: Communism, Moralism, Fascism, or Ultraliberalism.

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Unlocking Political Ideology

You'll need to lean into at least one of those ideologies in dialogue throughout the game. When an ideology takes route enough in your character because of your choices, you'll unlock a related Thought in the Thought Cabinet. As long as your dialogue answers are mostly pretty consistent in their politics, that should be enough. These are the thoughts tied to each ideology.

  • Mazovian Socio-Economics (Communism)
  • Revacholian Nationhood (Fascism)
  • Kingdom of Conscious (Moralism)
  • Indirect Modes of Taxation (Ultraliberalism)

Those Thoughts are a key element in activating the political vision quests, so make sure you choose one.

Starting The Political Vision Quests

Political vision quests don't become active until Day 4 in the game, but you'll actually need to have your ideology ready to go by the end of Day 3. Work your way through Day 3 until you're ready to go to sleep, where you'll activate a dream sequence. During that portion, your Ancient Reptilian Brain will ask you what you're doing all this for.

The game then checks if you've got any of the above ideology Thoughts in your Thought Cabinet. You only need one to get access to the quests, and you'll get a choice as to which quest to take on. You're not locked in to a single quest based on your ideology in your Thought Cabinet, but once you make a choice, that's the only quest you'll be able to take on.

Depending on how many of the ideology Thoughts you have, up to four different Skills will offer answers:

  • Communism: "For the working class." (Rhetoric skill)
  • Fascism: "For Revachol. Always and only Revachol." (Endurance skill)
  • Moralism: "For the greater good." (Empathy skill)
  • Ultraliberalism: "For the money, baby." (Savior Faire skill)

At that point, you get to choose your quest, with an option for each Skill that chimed in with an answer. So the more ideological Thoughts you have, the more quest options you have. You can only do one political vision quest, though--once you've made a decision, you'll be locked out of the others.

After making your choice, you'll wake up from the dream with a new Skill, determined by which quest choice you made. You'll also receive instructions about how to start proceeding on your political vision quest.

And that's it--just make sure to develop your political ideology enough that you have at least one of the Thoughts listed above in your Thought Cabinet in order to access the new content. Check out our preview on all the other changes in Disco Elysium: The Final Cut for more information on the new version of the game.

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