PSA: Don't Download The Wrong Version Of Battlefield 2042's Beta By Mistake

On Xbox at least, the store doesn't always lead you to the version of Battlefield 2042 you might want.


Battlefield 2042's multiplayer beta is available now for EA Play and preorder customers, and it's opening for everyone on October 8. If you're playing on console, you'll want to be careful to make sure you're selecting the correct version, since it's not always necessarily immediately obvious.

Searching for "Battlefield 2042 open beta" on Xbox brings up a number of search results, including both the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S editions of the game. If you're playing on Xbox Series X|S, you'll want to be careful to ensure you're choosing the right edition. In my experience, the Xbox Series X|S version actually showed up second in the results. It wasn't until I clicked into the store page itself that I saw the full description and game edition.

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There are PS4 and PS5 listings for the open beta, too, so PlayStation fans will want to similarly be careful to choose the version of Battlefield 2042 that applies to their system. You can bypass this confusion entirely by starting your download from one of the links below.

If you're on Xbox Series X|S, you can actually download the Xbox One edition and play that version--but you probably don't want to do this. Not only does the game look and perform worse, but the Xbox One/PS4 editions support 64 players compared to 128 on new systems.

Battlefield 2042 Beta Download Links

As mentioned, all EA Play and preorder customers can start playing Battlefield 2042's beta right now, while the beta opens for everyone starting October 8.

It's been a long road to release for Battlefield 2042 already, as DICE took an extra year to develop the game to help give developers more time to make the most out of the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. After a delay, Battlefield 2042 is now slated to launch on November 19.

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