PSA: Death Stranding Director's Cut For PC Is Out Today

More weapons, missions, and plenty of other extra content await you in the Kojima cut of Death Stranding.


Death Stranding: Director's Cut is out on PC today, providing an upgraded version of the first--and currently only--game in the "strand genre" that noted game designer and Batman fan Hideo Kojima led development on.

On PC, you can expect the same graphical improvements as the regular edition of the game, with new content and enhanced gameplay features being added to the tale of protagonist Sam Porter Bridges. You can expect more weapons, equipment, vehicles, modes, and missions, along with additional areas to explore, as well as expanded storylines and UI enhancements.

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The director's cut was originally released on PS5 in September last year, and the PC upgrade will set you back $10. Death Stranding did well after launch, as the game recorded more than 5 million sales across PS4 and PC as of March 2021.

As for Kojima, a recent report claimed that he is working with Microsoft on a new Xbox game, although this has yet to be confirmed or officially announced. In other strand genre news, Norman Reedus recently teased that Death Stranding 2 might be in development.

For our updated Death Stranding review on PS5, Justin Clark said, "The Director's Cut still does an admirable job goosing up that experience for maximum immersion. Even while trying to nudge itself towards something more approachable, there is still nothing quite like this game."

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