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PSA: CrossfireX Campaign, Meant For Xbox Game Pass, Is Still Locked

You'll get to go hands-on with Operation: Catalyst in due time, but for now it's inadvertently unavailable for Game Pass subscribers.


CrossfireX released for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One last week, but the CrossfireX campaign that's meant to be in Xbox Game Pass is not yet appearing for subscribers. The campaign is split into two parts; Operation Catalyst, the first of those story modes, is the one destined for Game Pass, but since the game launched on Friday, it has been locked behind a paywall. We've verified that as of February 14, this is still the case.

The reason for this is unclear, but it's certainly unintentional. Operation Spectre is the second campaign that all players, including Game Pass subscribers, will need to buy as part of the game's Ultimate Package should they want to play through all story content, but Operation Catalyst is meant for Game Pass and just not showing up as of yet. The story was developed in partnership with Remedy, creator of Control and Alan Wake, so there has been some interest leading up to launch.

The oft-delayed CrossfireX has nonetheless debuted in a subpar state.
The oft-delayed CrossfireX has nonetheless debuted in a subpar state.

In the meantime, if you don't have Game Pass (or if you do but you're eager to play), you can gain access to Operation Catalyst for $10 ($9 for Game Pass subscribers), or as part of the game's Ultimate Package as well, alongside the premium Season 1 battle pass and second campaign. That complete package sells for $30 ($25 for Game Pass subscribers). For total clarity, here's how it's meant to all shake out once the storefront issues are resolved:

  • CrossfireX multiplayer: Free-to-play for everyone; optional add-ons include free and premium battle passes
  • CrossfireX Operation Catalyst campaign: Included with Game Pass subscription, or sold separately ($10)
  • CrossfireX Operation Spectre campaign: Exclusive to CrossfireX Ultimate Package ($30)

However, Game Pass subscribers may want to wait for the CrossfireX campaign issue to sort itself out, as early impressions of the game's free-to-play multiplayer and campaign have not been favorable. This is due in part to a buggy launch, with players reporting issues with sliding, ADS, accessing skins earned from playing in the beta, and more. With a bit of patience, players should soon be able to check out the game's first campaign for no additional charge, then decide whether the rest is worth jumping into as well.

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