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Play the World War I shooter right now.

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One of the perks of Battlefield 1's $80 Early Enlister edition is the ability to play the World War I shooter a full three days early. That day has now come. 

It's October 18, so Battlefield 1 is now playable on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC for people who buy that version of the game. In addition to early access, you get the Red Baron Pack and the Lawrence of Arabia Pack, which come with themed weapons, vehicles, and items. You also receive five Battlepacks containing "stand-out weapon skins," as well as an "exclusive appearance" on Behemoth vehicles. 

Battlefield 1 was already playable on Xbox One and PC for EA/Origin Access subscribers; in fact, the 10-hour trial has been available since October 13 on those platforms. However, the content was limited. Now that the Early Enlister edition is out, people playing the Play First Trial on Xbox One and PC will receive access to the remaining multiplayer maps and modes. 

Progress from the Battlefield Play First Trial will carry forward to the full game, so there is no need to worry about having to start over or anything like that. 

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Battlefield 1's first DLC map is called Giant's Shadow. It's free for everyone and comes out in December. The game's first premium pass expansion, They Shall Not Pass, comes out in March 2017.

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