PS5's Accolades System Fosters Good Behavior

Sony introduces a new reputation system of sorts to let you commend those you enjoyed playing with online.


For many, online multiplayer is a big part of the modern gaming experience, but an unfortunate downside is that, in a lot of cases, the communities surrounding games can be volatile. Sony's PlayStation 5 introduces a novel way of encouraging players to be on their best behavior and reinforcing those who create a welcoming and positive gaming environment via a system called Accolades.

Accolades are, in Sony's own words, designed to "help encourage our best members and recognize positive influences" in the community so that more people contribute and "embody PlayStation's ideals." Accolades are essentially awards that you can bestow upon other players you encounter during online matches. They can be submitted anonymously in three categories: Helpful, Welcoming, and Good Sport. Helpful is for people who players deem to be a "generous, effective communicator, team-oriented" person. Welcoming can be awarded to anyone who is "accepting of others, open, and friendly." And finally, Good Sport can be used for someone who is "positive, honorable, and respectful."

The accolades you receive are displayed on your profile overview page. You can only award one accolade per multiplayer match, it can only be given to players who aren't already on your friends list, and you can only give a player one accolade in a 12-hour span.

If you're an Overwatch player, you may notice similarities to the endorsement system in that game, which is also used to encourage and reinforce good teammate behavior, sportsmanship, and calling good shots. On the PS5, however, it's more about being a good person than a good player.

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