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PS5, Xbox Series X Sold Out At Walmart Following Multiple Restocks

Both systems sold out in a flash.


Update: The PS5, PS5 Digital, and Xbox Series X are sold out for the day at Walmart after a series of restocks at 3, 3:10, and 3:20 PM ET. Much like we've seen in the past with Walmart, each restock sold out instantly, and we were never even able to add the console to our cart. (Thanks, bots.)

This is only the latest PS5 restock this week--Target restocked the system yesterday, while GameStop, Best Buy, and even Amazon restocked the PS5 briefly today. The Xbox Series X also appeared at GameStop and Best Buy. Walmart marks the last major retailer to offer the next-gen consoles this week, and with no official word from Sony or Microsoft recently, it's unclear when they'll be back in stock.

PS5 and Xbox Series X restocks are happening in full force today, though you're still going to need to be quick if you want one. If you didn't luck out with GameStop or Best Buy today, then you'll have another chance at 12 PM PT / 3 PM ET at Walmart. The brick-and-mortar retailer is restocking the PS5 and Xbox Series X in less than an hour, so you'll want to keep an eye on its website if you're interested. Walmart will have both the standard and all-digital versions of the PS5 as well as the Xbox Series X.

Be prepared for slow loading times and potential site crashes. Last time Walmart announced a PS5 and Xbox Series X restock ahead of time, it was difficult to even add the console to your cart and check out. To give yourself the best shot at snagging a PS5 or Xbox Series X, make sure you're signed into your Walmart account and that your payment and shipping info is up to date beforehand.

Both the PS5 and Xbox Series X have been restocked quite regularly, though they still sell out quite quickly. PS5 scalpers have been an issue and are something retailers are working to combat, and while Microsoft has said it's working hard to get more Xbox consoles in the wild, it's unclear when stock will be more readily available in stores.

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