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PS5 Third-Party Face Plates Up For Preorder

A third-party site is selling five alternate colors and patterns for your PS5, in case you want to mix up the default white appearance.


[Update: Following a legal threat from Sony, these third-party replacement plates are no longer being sold. Orders have been canceled, and vinyl skins are being offered, instead.]

The PlayStation 5 comes in a sleek duotone design with white fins jutting up from the black center. Sony hasn't officially announced any plans for other colors or faceplate designs, but a third party has already begun selling preorders for a handful of other faceplate colors and patterns. If you were hoping to buy an all-black PS5 eventually, this could let you do so well before Sony releases an alternate color scheme--if it ever does.

The site Platestation 5 is offering five faceplate designs: cherry red, indigo blue, chromatic, jungle camo, and a limited-edition matte black. Each is priced at $40, including the limited-edition version, and the site says it's aiming to ship within two weeks of the PS5 launch to assure they arrive close to your new console. You can also select a Digital Edition faceplace. On one side, it should be virtually identical to the standard version. The other lacks the disc drive bump, however, and is more symmetrical.

Be advised, we haven't sampled these faceplates ourselves, so we can't vouch for their quality or fit. If you want to take a gamble, though, read up on the store refund policy just in case.

A recent teardown video showed how easily the plates could be removed, which suggests swappable faceplates will be relatively easy. Custom faceplates were a feature of the original Xbox 360. All you have to do was pop one off and attach a new one, with no tools or disassembly required.

PlayStation 5 launches on November 12, and we've gotten a console in-hand so you can view the box--complete with banana and egg for scale. We've also gone hands-on with the console itself, and have some early PS5 console impressions. Read our PS5 preorder guide to how to secure a console and its accessories. Plus keep an eye on all of our Generation Next coverage as we head into the launch of the two new consoles in just a few weeks.

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