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PS5 Tells You How Long You've Played Games--Including Previous PS4 Play Time

You can finally show off how many hours you've spent playing your favorite games.


Among the many changes and improvements you'll find in the PlayStation 5's new user interface is an enhanced profile page. Perhaps most notably, this includes a list of your played games along with details on when you last played them and how many hours you've spent with each one.

The feature works not unlike the Nintendo Switch's equivalent, but this appears to be better in a few ways. For starters, you don't need to wait a period of time before this play time estimate becomes available. It's also a bit more precise with the numbers it shows, as it doesn't round those numbers in the same way that Switch does. The Switch will not begin showing your numbers for a few days after you have begun playing. On top of that, it will only say "for a little while" until you've crossed a certain threshold.

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What's most exciting is that these play times don't just start counting once you've gotten your new PS5 plugged in. Your profile also showcases the time you've spent playing on PS4, which means all those hours you sunk into Overwatch, The Witcher III, Rez Infinite, Destiny 2, or your game of choice will be represented here.

Playtimes displayed on a PS5 profile
Playtimes displayed on a PS5 profile

This won't impact your play experience in the same way that the new Activities feature or the DualSense controller will, but these small touches are nonetheless a fun part of the transition to a new console generation. For much more on what to expect, check out our PS5 review.

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