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PS5 Still Coming This Year, Has "Best Lineup" In PlayStation History, Sony Says

Sony's Eric Lampel praises the efforts of first-party developers while confirming that the PS5 is still coming this year.


After the release of the first global ad spot for the PlayStation 5 and some details regarding the new DualSense controller from some developers, Sony is now saying it's confident it has "the best lineup" it's ever seen ahead of launch later this year.

That's according to Sony Interactive Entertainment senior vice president and head of global marketing Eric Lempel, who spoke to recently. Launching a new console generation during a pandemic has presented challenges to everyone at Sony, but Lempel says the company is not seeing a scenario where they are unable to launch the PS5 this year still.

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"It's a massive challenge on every front," said Lempel. "Not just for the parts of the organization that I oversee, but for all parts of the organization. The nice thing is that we're pulling it together. We will launch this year--that will happen--and from my end we will absolutely make sure that we will bring all of the magic and all of the excitement of launches that we have had in the past.

The advertisement released today is also a glimpse into a Sony operating under a new structure. Previously regional Sony offices oversaw marketing for their specific region, which is no longer the case. Sony now controls all marketing on a global scale, with each trailer, tagline, and strategy remaining the same while being localized for appropriate regions.

"We worked for a long time on this and really thought about what type of line could we use that will resonate globally, and naturally it will be translated and localized to all the different languages around the world," Lempel continued. "But what is the sentiment that we want to pass along that really represents the ambition we have as PlayStation, and really represents the products that we offer? So that is how we came up with Play Has No Limits."

None of that matter without the content to back it up, which Lempel feels very confident about. With games like Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart, Horizon Forbidden West, and more already revealed, Sony has already laid some of its biggest cards bare for the next-generation. Not only does Lempel believe it's the company's best lineup yet, but that there's still more to come that will equally excite.

"I would say that this is the best lineup that we've ever seen in the history of PlayStation, between our Worldwide Studios groups and our partners from all the different publishers around the world," Lempel concluded. "We've revealed some of that content, and naturally there will be more to come, but the way that the developers can engage with this platform, and create these new experiences with known IP as well as unknown IP, is incredibly exciting."

The PlayStation 5 is set to launch later this year, with Sony still not disclosing a specific window or pricing details for its two models. Microsoft has narrowed the window down for the Xbox Series X to November but has similarly remained quiet over pricing.

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