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PS5 SSD Cyber Monday Deals - Expand Your Storage With These Great Deals

NVMe SSDs from Samsung, Western Digital, Nextorage, and more are on sale at Amazon for Cyber Monday 2023.


Considering the wealth of great PS5 games that arrived in 2023, chances are you had to make some decisions on what to keep on your built-in 1TB SSD. Deleting games and making space for an upcoming purchase is always a hassle--but if you want to future-proof your console, you can pick up a discounted internal PS5 SSD for Cyber Monday. Several different models (and sizes) are on sale, making this the best time of year to finally make the upgrade.

Best PS5 SSD Cyber Monday deals

Just a quick note: The original PS5 only has roughly 667GB of usable space, so you'll be more than doubling your storage capacity with any of the drives listed above. The new PS5 Slim, which is available for $500 with Marvel's Spider-Man 2 or Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 for Cyber Monday, improves on that by offering roughly 842GB of usable space. That's a big leap, but even if you pick up the PS5 Slim, it's not a bad idea to increase your storage space out of the box.

One of the most affordable PS5 SSDs to consider is the 1TB Crucial T500, as it's just $65 (down from $76). Installing the hardware is simple, as it features a built-in heatsink, and you'll get incredible performance that caps out at 7300MB/s.

If you need more storage, take a look at the 2TB Nextorage Japan SSD with Heatsink. The company is a subsidiary of Sony--so you know its products will work well with the console. Adding 2TB of storage should be more than enough to hold all your games for the next few years (unless you're an avid collector).

Other great deals include the 2TB 980 Pro with Heatsink for $120 and the newer and faster 2TB Samsung 990 Pro with Heatsink for $140. Be sure to check out our guide to installing an M.2 SSD in PS5 if you need help with the process.

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