PS5 PSA: Turn Off Trophy Videos To Save Storage Space, Here's How

Here's an easy way to save storage space on your PS5.


If you're a longtime PS4 user playing on your fancy new PS5, you might've noticed that Sony changed up the way that Trophies are documented on the console. In addition to saving a screenshot, the PS5 will now save a clip of the exact moment you earned a Trophy. This new functionality can be great for those who want to ensure that their Trophy hunting accomplishments are recorded.

But as you can imagine, these video files will add up over time, resulting in a packed media folder filled with videos of you earning all sorts of Trophies--even the minor ones that don't require much effort. While it is nice to record these moments, it's not especially conducive to ensuring you've got plenty of space to store new games.

It's best to disable this feature outright to save on storage space. From your PS5 home screen, go to Settings > Captures and Broadcasts > Trophies, and then disable Save Trophy Videos. You can also disable Save Trophy Screenshots while you're at it

To save on storage space, it's best to disable the Save Trophy Videos feature.
To save on storage space, it's best to disable the Save Trophy Videos feature.

With the setting turned off, if you do find that you want to save a moment when you earned a Trophy, then the PS5's upgraded share button allows you to save video files capturing several minutes from your recent gameplay session. When something exciting happens, tap the share button, and the moment will be saved as a video.

If you need more tips on how to save space, check out our PS5 storage space guide. And for more PS5 how-to features, be sure to check out our PS5 setup guide, as well as our guide explaining how game and save file transfers work. And if you've still got your old PS4 lying around, here's a guide detailing places where you can trade in your old consoles for a solid profit.

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