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PS5 Price, Release Date Will Come Later, Sony Says

The stream ended before we knew when we'd be able to play the PS5.


Sony has still not announced the price or release date for the PS5. However, Microsoft confirmed a November 10 release date for Xbox Series X, which will be priced at $499, while its cheaper Xbox Series S system will be priced at $299.

Sony's exciting PS5 event showcased a ton of new games, but it didn't let us know when we would be able to play them. The company said that the PS5's release date and price would come at some point in the future, so we'll have to wait to see if the system will break the bank and how it will compare to the Xbox Series X.

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Once the stream was over Sony announced that they "will announce pricing and additional details for PlayStation 5 at a later date" via a press release. No further information about when those details would be announced was given.

We don't have much evidence for what the price range will be outside the console's lead architect Mark Cerny declaring that the price "will be appealing to gamers in light of its advanced feature set."

Sony Interactive Entertainment president Jim Ryan has said that he expects PS5 games to be more expensive to make than PS4 games, although Sony doesn't "see it as being a massive increase." A jump in development costs usually means an increase in retail and digital download costs.

The closest we've come to finding hard evidence of a new price is by estimating the price of manufacturing, with parts shortages and specialized hardware reportedly pushing the PS5 up to $450 per unit in production. These prices are rarely indicative of retail pricing since Sony can choose to sell consoles at either a loss or profit. You can check out more of our thoughts on what the price might be here.

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