PS5 Horror Game Quantum Error Unveils Grisly New Footage And Story Details

Quantum Error is an upsetting-looking horror game coming to PS5 (and PS4) about a firefighter call-out gone wrong.


Quantum Error, the upcoming PS5 horror game from developer TeamKill (Kings of Lorn: The Fall of Ebris), has received a new gameplay video during the Future Games Show. The footage, below, shows some of the creepy environments and monsters players will be facing when the game launches at an unannounced date.

Quantum Error is a "cosmic horror" FPS, and the game's official site has revealed some more details about it. You'll be playing as Captain Jacob Thomas, a firefighter who is sent with his partner Shane Costa and a crew to the Monad Quantum Research Facility, where something has gone wrong.

Once you're there, you'll discover that an entity of some kind has attacked, and the fire that is spreading through the facility is a sign of something far more grim. While the goal is initially to save as many people as possible from the fire, it soon gets more complicated than that.

While the trailer proudly displays the PS5 logo, the game will also come to PS4.

Plenty of games have been unveiled for PlayStation 5 this month, thanks to the console's reveal event. If you're hungry for more horror, it's also worth checking out the trailer for the next Resident Evil title, Resident Evil: Village, which is coming in 2021.

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