PS5 Gets Ultra-Expensive, Elite-Style Controller From HexGaming

Custom mapping and interchangeable thumbsticks are two of the key features of this new elite controller.


PlayStation 5 owners looking for a competitive edge have a new option, as controller manufacturer HexGaming has announced the Hex Rival, a brand-new "ultimate esports controller." This marks the first elite-style controller we've seen that's designed specifically for PS5, though it comes at a hefty price: $290 USD.

The Hex Rival features two back buttons that can be mapped to 15 different commands, both face buttons and directional inputs, and interchangeable thumbsticks with different height and grip designs.

The Hex Rival is a top-of-the-line controller for PS5, and if you're looking for games to play with it check out Amazon Prime Day's PS5 and PS4 deals. If you're still in the market for the console itself, keep an eye on our guide to a possible Amazon Prime Day PS5 restock.

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