PS5 Game Godfall Extended Gameplay Video Leaks [Update]

Six seconds of footage from the PS5's only confirmed game recently emerged, and now even more has made its way online.


Update 2: Gearbox has confirmed the legitimacy of the video but revealed an important caveat: It's showing Godfall not on PS5, but on PC a year ago. As such, things may have well changed between then and now (let alone the game's release), and the game's developer stated a "more detailed look soon."

Update: Following the six-second clip that found its way online, what appears to be an extended teaser trailer for PS5 game Godfall has surfaced. The video shows a variety of environments and combat scenarios as the player uses a large sword to dispatch enemies. The quality of the video is not fantastic, but it does provide a bit more insight into what we might be able to expect from Godfall. Of course, the video remains unconfirmed, and it's possible the actual game will turn out much differently. But given that we still have yet to officially see a PS5 game, it's worth a watch. You can check watch the Godfall video here (via Nibel on Twitter), though the video could be pulled at any time. The original story follows.

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During last month's Game Awards, Gearbox Software revealed that it will publish upcoming "looter-slasher" Godfall, which is being developed by Counterplay Studios. Set for release Holiday 2020, the third-person action-RPG is the first game officially confirmed for the PlayStation 5, Sony's upcoming next-gen console--also set to arrive Holiday 2020.

A brief snippet of gameplay footage for Godfall has now leaked online. The small clip initially appeared on Reddit and appears to be taken from an internal trailer at Counterplay Games that was shown at the beginning of 2019. This could be the first six seconds of PS5 footage we've seen, or it might simply be captured from the PC version of the game. Either way, the use of flashy effects and impressive lighting certainly look the part, and it offers a hint of Godfall's presumably weighty melee combat. You can watch the footage here.

The announcement trailer shown off during The Game Awards didn't reveal much else about the upcoming next-gen title, but the developers have since let slip a few more details. Godfall takes place in a fantasy setting and sees you step into the shoes of a member of the exalted Knight's Order, who are tasked with holding back the apocalypse. You can play the game solo or team up with groups of up to three players and battle across the realms of Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Spirit, slashing through enemy combatants and gathering loot to create a formidable warrior.

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