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PS5 Update Is Finally Letting You Turn Off That Beep

To beep or not to beep, that is the question.


An upcoming PS5 update will add more than just system stability, as Sony is preparing to introduce Dolby Atmos support to the console alongside several accessibility options, as well as the option to do away with the console's maligned start-up beep. Select users from the US, Canada, Japan, the UK, Germany, and France will be invited to test out the beta version of this update before it rolls out globally.

As revealed on the PS Blog, the audio options are the big draw here as users will now have support for compatible Dolby Atmos-enabled HDMI via the PS5's Tempest 3D audio hardware. TVs, soundbars, and home theater systems that meet the requirements will be able to deliver more immersive 3D sound across several PS5 games, and the option can be enabled from inside of the PS5 settings menu.

Other features being added to PS5 include the ability to assign a second controller as an assist controller to a single account, giving users the ability to help out other players struggling on a game. There'll also be an option to turn on haptic feedback on DualSense, DualSense Edge, and PS VR2 controllers while exploring PS5 system menus, improved Game Help cards, and improvements have been made to several social features. For example, you'll now be able to invite a player into a closed party without having to automatically add that player into your group or create a new group.

On the hardware side, two important upgrades are also on the way. The first is support for larger-capacity M.2 SSDs (up to 8TB), and secondly, users will be able to mute or adjust the volume of the PS5's beep sound when turning it on or off, or putting it in rest mode. The patch notes don't mention if you'll be able to mute the angry beeping from your PS5 when you switch it back on after a blackout makes it shut down unexpectedly. But this is notable given the prominence of that beep, which has been unavoidable for several consecutive Sony consoles.

There's no concrete date yet for when the full firmware update will roll out, but these usually arrive a few weeks after the beta period begins. Sony's last big update rolled out in March, and added a number of quality-of-life features alongside Discord and 1440p VRR support. Since then, the company has regularly released several smaller firmware updates that added more system stability and not much else.

PS5 New Accessibility Features

PS5 console and DualSense Controller
PS5 console and DualSense Controller

Use a Second Controller for Assistance

  • You can now assign a second controller to one account as an assist controller, and use two controllers to operate your PS5 console as if you were using a single controller.
  • This feature introduces a new way for you to enjoy games collaboratively with others or help a friend or child navigate a particularly challenging section of a game.
  • To use an assist controller, go to [Settings] > [Accessibility] > [Controllers] > [Use Second Controller for Assistance], and then turn on [Use Assist Controller].
  • You can use an assist controller when your main controller is a DualSense or DualSense Edge wireless controller, or a PS5-supported third-party controller.

System UI Haptic Feedback

  • You now have the option to turn on haptic feedback effects while navigating your PS5 with your DualSense controller, DualSense Edge controller, or PS VR2 Sense controller.
  • When enabled, system sound effects for certain events will also be reflected physically through haptics, such as moving focus, reaching the end limit of a scrollable section, checking a box, or when you receive a notification or boot up a game.
  • This optional feature enhances immersion and is particularly useful for players with some level of sight or hearing disability, who appreciate the additional feedback on their inputs.
  • To turn on this feature, go to [Settings] > [Accessibility] > [Controllers], and then turn on [Haptic Feedback During Console Navigation].

Support for compatible Dolby Atmos-enabled audio devices

  • 3D Audio powered by Tempest 3D AudioTech can now be enjoyed by those who own compatible Dolby Atmos-enabled HDMI devices such as soundbars, TVs or home theater systems.
  • Tempest 3D AudioTech specifically renders to the Dolby Atmos audio devices in use – including overhead channels--allowing for even greater levels of immersion in the audioscapes of PS5 games.
  • To turn on Dolby Atmos, go to [Settings] > [Sound] > [Audio Output] > [Audio Format (Priority)], and then select [Dolby Atmos].

Social feature enhancements

Party UI update

  • You can now invite a player into a closed party without automatically adding the player into the group or creating a new group.
  • Additionally, players can now send open or closed-party invitations to groups instead of only individual players.

Share Screen Preview

  • When someone's sharing their screen in a party that you can join, you'll now see a preview image of their Share Screen, even before you enter the party.

Join friends' game sessions easily

  • You can now easily see which of your friends are in an activity you can join under the [Friends] tab.
  • The Joinable icon will be displayed next to friends who are playing a game you can join.
  • You can join a friend's game directly by pressing the options button and selecting [Join Game], or by selecting the ”Join” button on their profile card.

Game Hub tournaments tile

  • In the game hub, you can now see how many tournaments you've entered and the highest place you've achieved, as well as the start time for the next tournament.
  • You can select the tile to see the full tournament list.

React to messages with emojis

  • You can now add reactions to messages with emojis, which makes communicating with friends quicker and easier.

Ease-of-use features

Search for games in your library

  • You can now search for games within your game library.

Game Help improvements

  • Game Help cards have been improved
  • In addition to in-progress activities, you can now see available, previously available, upcoming, and completed activities.
  • When a card is selected, its details are now displayed on the right side of the card, making it easier to find objectives and their corresponding hints.

Discover new features

  • Browse useful tips for getting the most out of your PS5 and learn about new features in the new Discover Tips section.
  • Go to [Settings] > [Guide & Tips, Health & Safety, and Other Information] > [Guide and Tips], and then select [Discover Tips] to view all the tips.

Mute PS5 beep sound

You can now mute or adjust the volume of the PS5's beep sound when turning it on or off, or putting it in rest mode.

  • Go to [Settings] > [System] > [Beep Sound].
  • To adjust the beep sound volume, select [Volume].
  • To mute the beep sound, turn on [Mute Beep Sound].
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