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PS5 Exclusive Rise Of The Ronin Is On Sale For Its Best Price Yet

Team Ninja's open-world action game gets its first big discount, just two months after it launched, as part of PlayStation's Days of Play sale.


PlayStation's annual Days of Play sale has begun, and if you've been looking to try out Team Ninja's new game Rise of the Ronin, you can score a pretty big discount on it. Normally $70, Rise of the Ronin has been discounted to $50 until June 12 at all major retailers. This is Rise of the Ronin's first big discount--it launched on March 22--and several other PlayStation games have received a price cut for Days of Play.

In case you missed it, Rise of the Ronin is a fast-paced action game set during a pivotal moment in Japanese history. As an outside agent, you'll run into real-life historical figures, occasionally battle them, and help influence Japan as it enters a new era. Like other Team Ninja games, Rise of the Ronin has Souls-like combat, but it's surprisingly approachable and rewarding when you master the way of the blade and several other weapons.

Rise of the Ronin -- $50 ($70)

"It's not without some flaws, but I finished Rise of the Ronin with much more left to do, and even after 50 hours, I want to head back in to see what I'd missed and attempt to change history," Phil Hornshaw said in GameSpot's Rise of the Ronin review. "The parts of the game that work more than balance out its weaker elements. And while it took a while to find the rhythm of Rise of the Ronin's combat, its speed, complexity, and intensity make for some phenomenal fights that always feel great to win. Rise of the Ronin is a game that might take a bit to get good, but the commitment is worth it."

For more deals, you can also check out these PlayStation specials. The PS5 Slim is on sale for $50 off at major retailers, while the PlayStation VR 2 is available for $100 off. Other PS5 games on sale include Marvel's Spider-Man 2, The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered, and MLB The Show 24.

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