PS5 Entertainment Apps Include Netflix, Disney+, And Twitch, But No HBO Max

You can expect the PlayStation 5 to support the usual slate of streaming services, with one notable exception.


Sony has detailed the slate of streaming entertainment apps that will be available on PlayStation 5 upon launch, with more promised on the way. The initial slate of apps includes a lot of what you'd expect, but one app is conspicuously absent from the mentions.

A post on the PlayStation Blog details the apps, specifically mentioning Apple TV, Disney+, Netflix, Spotify, Twitch, and YouTube. A note about additional streaming apps also mentions Amazon Prime, MyCanal, Hulu, and Peacock, but it's not clear whether those will be part of the day one offerings.

A Crunchyroll spokesperson told GameSpot that it will be available as well. The anime streaming service offers series like Attack on Titan alongside original programming. The Crunchyroll app is also currently available on PS4.

Not included on the list, though, is HBO Max. The streaming service launched this summer, bringing together lots of content from the Warner Bros. catalog along with new original programming. It's priced at $15 and replaced HBO Go and HBO Now for many users, but its distribution has been inconsistent. Roku and Amazon Fire devices, which make up a significant share of streaming users, do not offer HBO Max access. With this announcement, it appears PlayStation doesn't either, at least for the time being. PS4 does have an HBO Max app. GameSpot has contacted HBO and Sony for clarification.

PlayStation 5 will launch on November 12, as a $400 digital version or $500 version with a disc drive. Preorders have been notoriously hard to nail down, but you can keep an eye on our PS5 preorder guide for updates on when more stock becomes available.

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