PS5 DualSense Edge Controller Is PlayStation's Take On The Xbox Elite

PlayStation 5 is getting its own official pro-level controller, and the slick device was shown at Gamescom.


PlayStation 5 is getting a new high-performance controller called the DualSense Edge. The controller debuted at Gamescom Opening Night Live, with a slick trailer showing off some of its features. The DualSense Edge looks a lot like a standard DualSense controller, with a similar color scheme and lighting features. But it also appears slightly thicker.

In an PlayStation Blog post that accompanied the announcement, Sony shared more details on the pro controller. It will feature customizable controls including full button remapping, stick sensitivity and dead zone settings, and trigger dead zone settings. It has a built-in Fn button to adjust settings like game volume and chat balance, and quickly swap between your control profiles. You can change your stick caps and back buttons with included alternatives, and you'll even be able to fully replace the stick modules with purchasable replacements. Plus it retains all of the usual features of the DualSense like haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.

The DualSense Edge will come with a USB-C cable and carrying case for holding the controller and all of its components. The case is also designed to facilitate charging with the cable while it's in its case.

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These features put it roughly on par with the Xbox Elite series of controllers, which offer a premium experience for a premium price. Third-parties have made pro-like controllers for PlayStation, but this will be the first official Sony device. No price or release date was given.

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