PS5 Doesn't Support Folders, But Its Game Library Has Small Yet Smart Tweaks

Sony has made some nice little changes to the PS5's game library to make it easier to use.


The PlayStation 5 features an overhauled user interface that both introduces new features and also tweaks existing ones to make them a little more intuitive. Although it unfortunately does not include folder support for organizing your games, one UI improvement is the reworked game library, which has been cleaned up to make it easier to navigate.

When tabbing over to the game library, you'll now notice a drop-down menu available on the left of the screen. Using this, you can change visibility options to show either PS3, PS4, or PS5 games. (PS3 games are playable through PlayStation Now.) Additionally, you can now also filter by source, so you can see the games you acquired through a PlayStation Store purchase, PlayStation Plus, or PlayStation Now.

Tabbing over to the Installed section will show you all your ready-to-play games and, at a glance, you'll be able to tell where they are installed thanks to the presence of icons on the game tiles that indicate location.

Another handy new feature is the ability to access demos and alternative versions of a game. By hitting the three dots on a game entry, you'll get a drop-down menu that shows you if a PS4 version of a PS5 game is available to you and will also display demo options.

PS5 game library filtering
PS5 game library filtering

That's one of many cool features on the PS5 that are somewhat understated--make sure to check out our feature on the PS5's hidden features for more. And if you want to know what we thought of Sony's new console as a whole, read our PS5 review.

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