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PS5 Disc-Free "Digital Edition" Announced

Sony is offering a discless option of PS5 for those alongside a standard console with a disc drive.


Sony's PlayStation 5 reveal event showed off lots of games and our first glimpse at the console design. But it also packed an extra surprise: the PS5 will launch as two consoles--one with a disc drive and a "Digital Edition" without.

The console design largely matches the controller, with a sleek white and black finish with blue highlights. The two versions appear largely identical, other than a small curve in the disc version to accommodate the drive. The debut of the two console versions appeared alongside other hardware, including an HD camera, headset, and media remote. The two models will presumably have a price difference, but no PS5 price or release date was shared today--that will be coming later, Sony said after the event.

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The PS5 Digital Edition, next to the standard PlayStation 5
The PS5 Digital Edition, next to the standard PlayStation 5

Sony did not detail how the two models will be priced, or any differences in drive space. We know that the PlayStation 5 uses an SSD, and that PlayStation 5 discs will support a capacity of up to 100 GB. If games do take that much space, the drive would have to be sufficiently big to let you load a good number onto your Digital Edition PS5 at once.

Though the big hardware reveal came at the end, the event was mostly focused on games. Some of the big debuts included Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, and Horizon 2: Forbidden West.

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