PS5 Custom Faceplate Site Shows Off New Colors In Latest Video

CMP Shells believes that the third time is the charm, as its pending patent for its new shells won't attract the legal wrath of Sony.


After being allegedly threatened with legal action from Sony over its plan to sell unofficial faceplates for the PlayStation 5, peripherals company CMP shells has revealed its new range of products for the console and how they can be attached.

Originally trading under the name of PlateStation 5 before rebranding to in October 2020 and then once again in January to its current title, CMP Shells now offers black, red, and blue shells for both the digital and regular versions of the PS5 console.

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Only 1000 shells will be made in the initial batch that is due for release by the end of February, which CMP showed off in a new video:

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As for any potential lawsuits from the PS5 manufacturer, CMP claims that its pending patent for the shells will keep it out of Sony's legal crosshairs.

"The patent is pending and all sales finalized before it's approved are untouchable," the company said on its website. "We didn't know before. Now we do. Further we have not replicated anyone's proprietary design. Our shells improve upon the original by allowing for more ventilation. We will be able to sell even after the patent is approved."

If you're looking to still get your hands on Sony's next-gen console, you might be in for a wait as stock of the device, desktop CPUs, and GPUs will continue to be in short supply until the second half of 2021. Keep an eye on our PS5 stock hub to see which retailers have refreshed supplies available.

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