PS5 Can Record At 4K, Captures Last 60 Minutes Of Gameplay

Sony has revealed the recording functionality the PS5 possesses, and it's definitely an improvement on the PS4.


The PlayStation 5 begins its international rollout on November 12, and while that date fast approaches Sony is still revealing new details about the system. Now, in an extensive FAQ on the PlayStation Blog, we know more about the recording functionality tied to the DualSense's "Create" button--and it's even stronger than what the PS4's innovative "Share" button offered.

The PS5 will automatically capture the last 60 minutes of gameplay--and when you press the Create button, you can choose to "save recent gameplay" to capture it. You can choose the full 60 minutes, or as little as the last 15 seconds, depending on what you want to capture and share.

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By default, footage is captured at 1080p with 60fps. However, if you want to manually record a section of gameplay--meaning that you start the recording yourself--you can capture at 4K. This means that getting higher-quality footage requires slightly more forward-thinking.

In the settings, you can select Manual Recording Resolution if your TV is connected to a 4K television or monitor, and choose between 1920x1080 or 3840x2160 resolution. These settings will remain until changed, or if the PS5 is connected to a different television.

As with the PS4, you can easily capture screenshots too, or start a stream from the Create button.

Screenshots and videos are stored in the Media Gallery, where they can be edited, shared, or copied to USB. From a USB, they can be transferred to other devices. Screenshots can be saved in JPEG or PNG format, and it's possible to grab 4K screens.

The PS5 will also support HDMI-based capture devices, as long as HDCP is disabled. Unfortunately, videos from PS4 cannot be transferred to PS5.

GameSpot has been digging deep into PS5 review units, uncovering the different settings that can be enabled or disabled within the system, and much more in our full review of the system. The PS5 is currently sold-out everywhere, but keep an eye on our Order Guide to nab one when they reappear.

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