PS5 And Xbox Series X Mock-Ups At IKEA Help Size Up Your Entertainment Center

Curious if that HEMNES cabinet will comfortably store your "meme-ishly oversized gaming console"? IKEA has a handy visual aide.


The flat-pack furniture company IKEA has found a clever way to help customers pick a media storage cabinet: cardboard mock-ups of the PS5 and Xbox Series X so that gamers can check if the display units will fit them.

A user on Reddit photographed the mock-ups, which include measurements (in millimeters and inches) across the sides. The PS5 mock-up even includes the system's space-age style curved body with white fins. The PS5 box reads, "Which Ikea media storage unit will be able to fit my new, meme-ishly oversized, gaming console?" The photo doesn't appear to show a model for the notably smaller Xbox Series S.

It's unclear how widespread these guide boxes are, so they may not appear at your local IKEA. The Swedish furniture chain is known in particular for its storage furniture, sporting names like Hauga and Lommarp.

While the boxes represent the basic dimensions of both new consoles to help you fit them to your living room, it's up to you to actually find them. For that, check out our PS5 restock guide and Xbox Series X|S restock guide, both of which are updating regularly as retailers get more supply of the hard-to-find systems.

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