PS5 And Xbox Series X Get Another Confirmed Game With Madden NFL 21

Madden NFL 21 is headed to the next generation of consoles.


Even more PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X games have now been announced. Electronic Arts said in its earnings report that at least some of its slate of sports games will "lead for us" with the launch of the next-generation consoles this holiday.

EA confirmed it's releasing Madden NFL 21 on the next generation of consoles, but it remains to be seen if FIFA 21 and NHL 21 also release on the systems. A further sports game that has not been announced yet has also been confirmed by EA, but it's unclear what platforms it's headed to. Each of these titles will "deliver on the mix of creativity, authenticity, and quality that sets EA Sports apart," CEO Andrew Wilson said.

He added: "EA Sports will also lead for us on the next-generation consoles this year, and we're excited to share more about the breakthroughs in those experiences soon."

As for the unannounced sports game, Wilson said EA is looking to bring back an older sports game as opposed to starting a new one. There are rumors that EA is bringing back its UFC series, but nothing is confirmed yet. EA also formerly published the Fight Night boxing series and the PGA Tour franchise of golf games.

FIFA 21 and Madden NFL 21 will release during EA's Fiscal Q2 (July-September), with NHL 21 launching during Fiscal Q3 (October-December). EA did not say when the other yet-to-be announced sports game will release. This launch timing for the sports games seemingly confirms that they will be cross-generational releases, as the PS5 and Xbox Series X aren't expected to launch until the holiday period, which is traditionally and historically understood to begin in November.

For Madden NFL 21, Wilson pointed out that NFL will continue to be an important component to the company's overall sports portfolio. "We'll continue to build out our NFL football offerings both in context of building on the Madden platform, and when you think about football gamers, whether they're playing 11-on-11 simulation football, fast knock-out modes, or they start playing new modes we plan to deliver on console, PC, mobile. We believe football will continue to be a strong part of our portfolio," he said.

Madden NFL 20 set new engagement records, EA said on the call, and this uptick in users was driven in part by the COVID-19 pandemic that is keeping people at home and playing more games. In the absence of real-world sports, people are turning to EA's games, management said.

Missing from the list of confirmed EA Sports games is a new NBA Live title. On the earnings call, Wilson said EA continues to have a "good relationship" with the NBA, noting that he and his team spends time with the executive boards of the NBA. However, no new NBA Live game has been announced.

NBA Live 20 was canceled, and EA Sports subsequently confirmed that it's making a new NBA title for the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

This story has been updated and corrected to clarify that only Madden NFL 21 has been confirmed for a next-gen release.

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