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PS5 And Xbox Series X Bundles Sold Out At GameStop After Restock

GameStop restocked the Xbox Series X and PS5 in the form of pricey bundles this afternoon.


Update: All PS5 and Xbox console bundles seem to be sold out now at GameStop, though you can double-check through the link below. A PS5 and Xbox Series X restock is also happening at Walmart right now, so that'll be your next best shot at buying either console.

Even two months out from launch, the PS5 and Xbox Series X remain difficult to find in stock, but GameStop has announced customers will have another chance to buy the next-gen consoles today, January 21. The video game retailer plans to restock PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch bundles, though a limited number of units is expected, so you'll want to be quick if you want a new console.

Unfortunately, it's unclear exactly when the PS5 or Xbox Series X|S will be restocked. GameStop's Twitter account will post when they're live, and we'll update this story as well, but the console bundles will likely appear at the links above sometime today. People can expect a variety of extra accessories and games thrown into the bundles, which will make them more expensive than the standard consoles.

The difficulty in buying one of the new consoles has been immense, especially with PS5 scalpers snatching the units before anyone else. However, it seems retailers have gotten more PS5 stock this week, as GameStop is only the latest store to put PS5 units up for sale recently. Target had its first restock of the year on Wednesday, while both Amazon and Best Buy had the PS5 available to buy earlier today. The Xbox Series X, on the other hand, hasn't appeared as much recently, and when we do see it in stock, it's nearly always available as a bundle. See our PS5 restock and Xbox restock guides to quickly check availability across major retailers.

As for the Nintendo Switch, it hasn't nearly been as hard to find in stores. However, with the current pandemic, game console sales have gone up, causing shortages and delivery delays even for Nintendo's three-year-old platform. If you're looking for a Switch of your own, see our full guide on where to buy a Switch in 2021, including its special editions.

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