PS5 Adds External Storage Support And More In First Big Console Update

Months after release Sony is finally patching in the ability to store PS5 titles on external hard drives, with the update out now.


Sony has finally updated the PlayStation 5 to allow for game storage on an external hard drive or SSD, bringing it more in line with its competition. The new PS5 system update, which is out now, lets you copy games off of your internal SSD to free up space for new downloads. It also includes a few other video changes that should provide a better game experience, especially on older games.

Like the Xbox Series X|S, PS5 games stored on an external drive won't be playable until copied back to the internal SSD. Additionally, Sony says that new PS5 downloads will still require internal SSD space, since you won't be able to download games directly to an external drive in the same way that you can with PS4 titles. Despite this, it should save you time, since copying a game over from an external drive will be faster than redownloading it.

With regards to internal SSD storage expansion, Sony reiterates that it is still working on support and that updates will be shared "in the future."

PS5 games can now be moved to external storage devices
PS5 games can now be moved to external storage devices

The big PS5 update will also make changes across the PS5's UI. You will now be able to share your PS5 play sessions with friends on PS4, and even allow remote play with the use of Share Play. You can also join multiplayer sessions from the PS5 dashboard, too, irrespective of if a friend is playing on PS4 or PS5.

Additionally, there is now an option to automatically switch to non-HDR video when playing a game that doesn't support HDR. You can find this setting and change it via the same HDR section of the menu you use for other HDR adjustments. For 1080p PC monitors, a selection of them can also support 120Hz gameplay now via an option in the video output settings.

Smaller changes are also being made to other console settings. Sony is introducing game update pre-downloads which, when supported by a game's developer, will allow consoles with Automatic Updates toggled on to download updates before they go live, letting you continue playing uninterrupted. One feature that does still appear to be Xbox-exclusive, however, is pre-downloading a game before actually purchasing it, letting you play immediately on launch day, even if you are using the disc.

Sony has also added in screen zoom, a feature that was on PS4 that allows you to magnify the screen to your liking, which might be useful for accessibility purposes.

Beyond all this, users have reported it may reduce noise from the PS5's disc drive, although Sony has not officially acknowledged this change.

The PlayStation App is also getting an update which will allow you to manage your console storage and join active multiplayer sessions from your smartphone. The PlayStation Blog post features more details about the PS5 update, which should be available to download from April 14.

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