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PS5 Accessories Are Arriving Early

You might be able to already get your hands on a DualSense controller and pretend you have a PS5.


The PS5 doesn't arrive until November 12, but some players are already getting their hands on accessories. They'll have nearly two weeks of holding a DualSense controller and pretending they're enjoying its haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, and if you placed an order for an extra controller, you can likely pick yours up, too.

Though scheduled to arrive on October 30, according to Sony's website, the DualSense appears to have released even earlier at certain retailers. One member of the GameSpot team had his order delivered by Target the day before, and Best Buy orders are also available for pickup today. We didn't see the controllers on store shelves, but you might be able to find them online.

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Oddly, this isn't universal for all retailers, with GameStop still listing them as preorders, and not every accessory released on the same day. The charging station for the DualSense isn't releasing for another week, for instance. Of course, you won't be able to use the controller until November 12, anyway.

The DualSense can be recognized by a PlayStation 4 if you're curious to connect it, but you can't actually use it for any games. It will be required for playing PS5 games, though the DualShock 4 will still work for playing backwards compatible PS4 games on the new system.

Interestingly, developers are wasting no time getting it to work on PC, as well. The newest update for Shakedown: Hawaii allows you to play with the controller and even shows a digitized version of it in-game.

Several more official PS5 accessories will also be available when the system launches in less than two weeks. They include a Pulse 3D headset, media remote, and camera, though the camera will not work with PlayStation VR. For that, you will need a PS4 camera and a free adapter, which is currently available to claim via the PlayStation website. Check our PS5 preorder guide if you're looking to find any of these before launch.

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