PS4/Xbox One Getting Left 4 Dead-Style Warhammer Game Vermintide

All of the existing DLC will be included for free.


Co-op shooter Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide is headed to consoles this October, developer Fatshark and publisher Nordic Games announced today.

Vermintide is a four-player cooperative game in the mold of Left 4 Dead, albeit with more of a focus on melee weapons. Players work together to fight off hordes of enemies as they make their way through a series of levels. In addition to the weapons they have equipped, they can also find things like bombs and health packs along the way. The Left 4 Dead influences are not subtle.

Vermintide does introduce new wrinkles to that established formula: You level up and gather loot, including new weapons you can take with you into missions. There are also different characters to choose from, each with their own weapon types.

It sounds as if the game is unchanged in its move to consoles. All of the DLC currently available on PC will be included for free on PS4 and Xbox One.

Digital and physical versions of Vermintide will be available on consoles beginning October 4. A price was not announced; the PC version goes for $30.

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