PS4/Xbox One Game That Encourages Screen-Looking Gets Release Date

Screencheat launches on March 1.


Screencheat, the "second-person" multiplayer game that welcomes screen-looking, now has a release date. The game, developed by Samurai Punk and already available on PC, will launch across PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on March 1, the studio announced today.

In the $15 split-screen multiplayer game, everyone is invisible, meaning you'll need to screencheat your way to victory. For once, screen-looking is not frowned upon, but celebrated. The game supports four players locally, while up to eight can play in online, split-screen matches.

It's not as impossible to find and kill an invisible enemy as you might think. Screencheat offers a variety of assists, including color-coded maps that should help you locate enemies (11 in all), while structural elements and landmarks have been purposefully designed to stand out.

Once you do locate an enemy, it only takes one shot to bring them down with any of the game's 10 weapons. However, when firing any weapon, your location is revealed. So spraying and praying probably isn't the best tactic in Screencheat.

Screencheat was released in October 2014 for PC, Mac, and Linux.

The PS4 and Xbox One versions will include the "avalanche" of content already available for the PC edition, including AI bots, six more maps, two new weapons, and more modes and variants. The game also lets you create and save your own game modes. For more, you can watch the video above or click through the images in the gallery above.

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How do you play this on Pc?

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Screen cheating was the best when playing Halo 1 with friends at home.

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Interesting concept though I'm not sure how well it will actually work. While looking at the other screen would reliably allow you to figure out where they are you would still have to look at your own screen to move by which point they would have moved from their previous location making it impractical to actually try to hit anything.

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@phoenix1289: it's a great game played it many times at expo's very fast paced and a great local game

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@phoenix1289: I'm gonna guess the players have very little health, or it'd probably get pretty irritating... seems like an interesting concept though, I agree.

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@nl_skipper: It's one hit kills. Even with that though it just doesn't seem like a system that would function well in actual practice.