PS4's Star Ocean Remaster Offers The Same Graphics Settings As PC

Full high-definition and 4K support, with the same level of customization available for both PC and PlayStation 4.


Star Ocean: The Last Hope has been remastered and re-released on PS4 and PC, receiving overhauled high-definition graphics and 4K support. What comes as a surprise, though, is the level to which you can customize those graphics on the PlayStation 4 to obtain the best performance; the Star Ocean remaster offers the same level of graphics customization on console as it does on PC.

As noted by Digital Foundry, developer Tri-Ace now lets you toggle graphic choices like self-shadowing, camera blur, character detail distance, texture detail, and multiple anti-aliasing types. All of this can be done in an attempt to reach the remaster's target of 60FPS across all aspects of the game. Players can tweak their settings to make that happen, and Digital Foundry says, "The jump to 60 FPS across the board greatly improves the experience."

Base PS4 users can select between 720p and 1080p resolution, while PS4 Pro users can target 1440p or full 4K. It's a big jump from the Xbox 360 and PS3 days. Eurogamer says that extra clarity has a transformative effect on the game and results in a much more pristine image. Check out the game's remastered graphics in the video above.

The Star Ocean series has set itself apart from most other JRPGs with its sci-fi plot and real-time battles. In GameSpot's 2009 review of the The Last Hope for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, reviewer Lark Anderson said it was that addictive space combat system that made the game worth playing. Now, with this remaster and its custom settings, those battles should look even better.

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