PS4's Special Star Wars Controller Will Be Sold on Its Own, Too

You don't need to buy a whole new system.


The Darth Vader-inspired controller included with two upcoming PS4 bundles will also be sold separately, though it'll be a retailer exclusive in the United States.

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Sony announced today that the Darth Vader Edition DualShock 4 will be available exclusively from Walmart in the US beginning on November 13 (not November 17, as an erroneous tweet originally stated). It'll be available in Europe beginning a few days later, on November 18.

A price wasn't announced, but we've followed up with Sony to find out. The MSRP on PS4 controllers is typically $60, although special versions go for $65-$70. [Update: It'll cost $65 in the US.]

You can also get the controller through two new bundles. The first of these is another Walmart exclusive, the $450 Disney Infinity 3.0 system bundle coming on November 13. The second is the $450 Star Wars Battlefront bundle coming on November 17, which also features a specially designed system. There's also a $400 Battlefront bundle coming on November 17, but that includes a standard controller and system.

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