PS4s selling for an average of $590 on eBay

Company representative says more than 13,000 consoles have been sold through auction site in four days following launch.

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With PlayStation 4 units sold out at numerous retailers, including GameStop, some gamers may be looking to auction site eBay to secure a system. Those who do should expect to pay a premium.

As of November 19, PS4 units were readily available on eBay, with more than 12,000 listings on the site. The average selling price, however, was $590, well above the $399 price tag.

The information comes from an eBay representative, who also told GameSpot today that more than 13,000 PS4 units were sold on eBay in the four days following launch, while more than 20,000 systems have been sold through the site since November 1. 10,000 systems were sold on eBay during the launch weekend alone.

An average of 2.3 PS4s are sold every minute, the company said.

In addition, the eBay representative said 17,000 previous-generation systems were sold through the site since the PS4's launch on November 15. This is up 25 percent compared to the 10 days before launch, suggesting users are selling their old consoles to pay for a PS4 or Xbox One.

Details about Xbox One eBay sales activity will be shared following launch next week.

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