PS4's Rez Gets Physical Edition; Awesome Soundtrack Heads to Vinyl

Great news for Rez fans who want to spend a bunch of money.



Rez has always had a cult following--passionate, but not huge, it's never screamed "major franchise," which is what made it exciting to see that a PS4 (and PS VR) release is on the way. Today we learned that it's not only coming as a digital title, but also in the form of a limited-edition physical version along with some other exciting physical goodies.

Developer Enhance Games announced today that it's partnered with specialty retailer iam8bit to offer a new line of Rez products. This starts with a physical copy of Rez Infinite for PS4, which previously was only expected to be released as a digital game on the PlayStation Store. It carries a $10 premium over the PSN version, costing $40.

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This is a region-free edition of the game expected to ship in October. However, iam8bit admits it's possible you may not get it on October 13, the day that Infinite launches on PSN.

This physical copy of the game is described as a "limited run," so you may need to act quickly if you want to get your hands on it. It goes on sale on iam8bit's website tomorrow, August 19, at 9 AM PDT.

Also going on sale at that time is some other Rez collector's merchandise. This includes a vinyl soundtrack that comes with a retrospective art book, which features interviews with creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi and other members of the original Rez development team. The soundtrack--one of the best of all-time--comes on two LPs and is accompanied by a bonus 7-inch record with a track from the new Area X level. It's priced at $75, or you can bump this up to $85 to get a limited-run version with picture disc vinyl.

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Finally, there are a pair of t-shirts (one designed by Fez creator Phil Fish) and two pins. You can see all of this in the gallery above or get ready to refresh iam8bit's store page on Friday morning here.

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