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PS4's PlayStation VR Price Effectively Cut With New Bundle Option

PlayStation VR will no longer be sold without the necessary camera.


Those still in the market for a PlayStation VR headset now have some cheaper options if they don't already own all of the required hardware. Alongside the introduction of a new bundle in the US and Canada, the existing premium bundle is seeing a $50 price cut.

For $400 (or $500 in Canada), the newest bundle comes with both the PSVR headset itself and the PlayStation camera. In addition to the headset and a PS4, the camera is the other piece of hardware necessary for the PSVR experience--but until now, it was not included with the cheapest PSVR option. This new bundle takes the place of the existing $400 standalone PSVR headset package; as Sony notes, this effectively means you now get the camera for free. This is not ideal for those who already own the camera and were hoping the headset would become cheaper, but it's a good deal for everyone else.

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Sony will also continue to offer the PlayStation VR Worlds bundle, which includes a headset, camera, two PlayStation Move controllers (which are generally optional but can enhance the experience in many games), and a copy of mini-game compilation PlayStation VR Worlds. This will now be available for $450 in the US and $580 in Canada.

According to a PlayStation Blog post, these two bundles will "start arriving" in retailers on September 1; that phrasing suggests there could be a small delay in seeing it actually pop up in stores. Sony also notes that the hard-to-find Farpoint bundle, which includes a copy of the first-person VR shooter and its excellent PSVR Aim controller, are now back in stock.

October will mark the one-year anniversary of PlayStation VR's release. Sony hasn't shared firm sales figures for the device, although this is the first time it's enacted anything resembling a price cut for it. For more, check out GameSpot's PlayStation VR review.

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